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Capitol Communications designs and installs state-of-the-art communications systems that help businesses meet the challenges of today's complex marketplace. From advanced data networks to innovative telephony and building security applications, Capitol Communications develops powerful, flexible communications solutions that form the backbone of successful business operations. Capitol Communications is a San Francisco based communications infrastructure contractor. At Capitol Communications we pride ourselves on or attention to detail and quality installations. Listed under services are some of the points to consider when selecting a contractor.

Voice & Data Division

Capitol Communications designs and installs state-of-the-art communications systems that help businesses meet the challenges of today's complex marketplace. From advanced data networks to innovative telephony and building security applications, Capitol Communications develops powerful, flexible communications solutions that form the backbone of successful business operations. Well-versed in the latest technologies, our highly skilled staff work closely with you to create a personalized communications strategy that suits your individual needs. Our dedicated teams of reliable technicians deliver even the most challenging projects on time and within budget, while adhering to the strictest industry and professional standards. Whether you're installing your first communications network, expanding into new facilities or need long-term support, Capitol Communications provides the full-service approach and technical expertise you need to build your business in the Information Age.

Riser Management


Riser Manager's mission is to ensure that your buildings are profitable, safe, secure and organized through the management of your building's riser systems.


Riser Manager, is the most effective Riser Management solution available.

Your building's riser system is a valuable commodity and in today's markets it remains the backbone for communications in and out of your building. It is imperative that this infrastructure is maintained properly, ready for the future technologies, properly fire-stopped, organized ...... [that can now generate revenue. Riser Manager offers income potential, increased convenience and security, while ensuring your building's code compliance and giving you peace of mind. Contact us for more information and a free demo.]

Cad Services

Existing Installations: Current, accurate floor plans are essential for technical staff working in support, planning and service. Capitol assists you in generating floor plans and backbone schematics for your currently occupied and live installations.

"As Built" Plans for New Installations: During and at the completion of a new installation, Capitol technicians generate cable plant design specifications and plans detailing cable pathways and WAO numbers, as well as a CAD floor plan. This ensures streamlined administration and maximum usefulness of your infrastructure investment.

Floor Plan Maintenance: After initial installation, ongoing floor plan maintenance is often overlooked. Capitol ensures that current, accurate documentation is always available, maximizing your network design and providing long-term flexibility.

VISIO™ Network Planning and Documentation: VISIO is the premier software tool for generating and maintaining physical and logical network diagrams, equipment layout diagrams and for documenting network asset management. Capitol uses VISIO to audit your existing design, troubleshoot as necessary and to ensure your future network designs offer the productivity, ease of use and cost-effectiveness you expect.


Needs Analysis: In the rapidly developing world of network communications, developing and maintaining an optimum network structure provides the foundation for cost-effective, efficient business operations. Capitol evaluates your network components, topologies and equipment requirements to ensure your network provides maximum productivity and ease of use. This evaluation often includes TC / MC planning and space management.

RFP Consulting: Developing a comprehensive RFP is the first step in generating accurate bids and ensuring the ultimate success of your project. Capitol coordinates site surveys, network design and equipment schedules to generate RFP guidelines that meet your unique business needs.

Retrofit Planning: As your company grows and changes, you need cost-effective ways to retrofit your existing site to accommodate those changes. Capitol's expertise in both unoccupied and occupied remodels lets you quickly adapt to change while minimizing disruption to your employees.

Infrastructure Audit: As new technologies are introduced, it is important to take advantage of the benefits they have to offer while preserving your existing technology investment. Capitol audits your physical infrastructure and provides cost-efficient methods for updating and leveraging your current communications systems.

Budgetary Projections: Carefully forecasting and planning your communications needs saves you time and money—today and in the future. Capitol assists you in developing detailed budgetary estimates for both new and retrofit installations.

Documentation Updating and Generation: Current and accurate documentation is key to efficient network management. Capitol helps you generate an accurate Cable Management System that minimizes downtime, reduces performance problems and maximizes capacity. A valuable tool for troubleshooting, planning and managing a structured cable system, this system can include components such as test databases, physical layer floor plans, WAO location numbers, backbone structures, asset information and detailed connection information.

Cut-Over Planning: Moves of any size—from a single employee to a large corporation—present a complex array of challenges. Capitol's experience in planning and executing a wide range of telecommunications moves ensures your experience is trouble-free.


Maintenance: Regardless of your network type, age or size, Capitol helps you coordinate moves, additions and changes with optimum efficiency. Our trained staff are well-versed in a wide variety of major network protocols and packages.

Fire Safety: Ensuring the safety of your employees is a paramount consideration in communications installations. If you suspect that fire codes have not been adhered to in your installation, Capitol can help you quickly and cost-effectively bring even occupied, live sites into compliance.

Education: Capitol staff are dedicated to staying current with the latest technologies, standards and design innovations, and can help transfer that knowledge to your staff. Our personnel are available to instruct anyone from end users to technical support staff on proper maintenance of Cable Management Systems, Physical Layer Standards and troubleshooting techniques.

Quality Installation: While anyone can purchase network components, installation is the single most important factor in designing an efficient, flexible communications system. Capitol technicians are knowledgeable about and adhere to the most current industry standards and codes regulating communications systems installation, including:

    ⧂  ANSI EIA/TIA 568-A    (Telecommunications Wiring Standard)

    ⧂  TSB 67    (Technical Supplement for Testing Standards)

    ⧂  ANSI EIA/TIA 569    (Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces)

    ⧂  ANSI EIA/TIA 607    (Grounding and Bonding)

These standards, generated by the American National Standards Institute, were designed to provide a useful physical layer life of 10 years. Consistent, knowledgeable application of these standards will extend the life of your cabling investment, while maximizing productivity, ease of use and cost efficiency.

Union Affiliation: Capitol Communications is organized through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 6.

Warranty Information: Capitol Communications takes great pride in the quality of its professional staff and our installations, and offers a five-year warranty on all installations. Service contracts on extended warranties and technical support are also available.

Tech Support: Capitol's technical support staff are available to answer your questions 24-hours a day. Because network and communications system problems or outages are never scheduled, we take availability and response times very seriously. Our commitment to service is your peace of mind.

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